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This model is for harvesting, storing, and transporting tomatoes.

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Product No. Type Dimension Exterior
Dimension Interior
L x W x H
Capacity in3 Load
Capacity lb
Fork entry Fruits
Long Feet
45'' x 48'' x 16 1/2'''
42-1/4'' x 45-1/4'' x 12''
21 500 in3 500 lb b. 7000 lb 2 Cranberries
Haskap Berries

This model is for harvesting, storing, and transporting tomatoes.


  • Single piece bin construction
  • Non-splintering material
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to sanitize
  • Chemical resistant
  • Resists absorption
  • Inexpensive to repair
  • High impact resistance
  • UV additive for outside storage
  • Light weight
  • Light color for reduced heat absorption
  • 100% FDA approved materials
  • High pressure injection molded parts
  • Smooth surfaces and rounded corners
  • Nonporous surfaces
  • Ventilation slots for quick cooling or drying
  • Ventilation slots for uniform circulation even with tight stacking
  • Interlocking design for taller, safer stacking
  • Self-palletizing design (fork friendly and rotatable)
  • Solid version is also available for this model

Stack and load capacities

a. Long term, ambient temperature

b. Short term, ambient temperature (1 month or less)

c. Long term, cold storage (35°F (1.6°C ) and below)

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