Biodegradable White on Black Mulch Film 48'' x 200' | BioPlus

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48" x 200'
(122 cm x 61 m)
6.21 lb
(2.82 kg)

The White on Black Biodegradable Mulch Film is made of MATER-BI, a plastic that is completely biodegradable and compostable and used in the manufacturing of products having a low impact on the environment. The biodegradability and compostability  of MATER-BI is supported by different independent international organizations:

Soil temperature, moisture, and microorganisms degrade the Bio360 into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass; there is therefore no toxic residue in the soil.

Mulch films have the same physical and mechanical properties as plastic films, but without the negative impact on the environment or removal, burial, and recycling costs.

BIO360 white on black mulch films are primarily used for tomato, bell pepper, and strawberry crops in hot climates and for heat-sensitive crops such as Cruciferae.


  • Eliminate weeds
  • Keep heat from penetrating the soil, thus keeping roots cool
  • Reflect light
  • Protect fruits and vegetables from direct contact with the soil for cleaner crops that are less sensitive to diseases



    *These mulch film rolls are not designed to be installed with a mulch layers machine. Please refer to the tips section for installation.


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