John Deere Power Unit

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IPO JD4045D-80-config

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John Deere Power Unit

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IPO JD4045T-105 85 95 95 @ 2300 X

John Deere stationary water pumps are built for big irrigations jobs. We offer a complete line of irrigation power units powered by John Deere Power Tech Diesel Engines. Units are mounted on skid type platform.

Complete pumping units includes tongue and axle assembly with fuel tank, Berkeley or Cornell water pump, straight stack exhaust, radiator, manuel or electric primer, instrument panel with security gauges, John Deere engines available from 60 HP to 300 HP. The pumping capacity is from 500 GPM to 3000 GPM.

Note: All housings are SAE # 3

N.B. For list of water pump models available see Engine Powered Irrigation Pump (Berkeley or Cornell).

Standard Features:

  • Skid Base
  • Radiator (130 Degree L.A.T)
  • Heavy Duty Air Cleaner
  • Safety Element (Air Cleaner)
  • Service Indicator (Air Cleaner)
  • Straight Stack Exhaust
  • Hood
  • Front grill / Rad Support
  • Back Panel / Rear Hood Support
  • Instrument Panel With Murphy Gauges (includes tachometer / hourmeter, oil pressure gauge, water temp. gauge, voltmeter, Murphy tattletale, & key switch)
  • Locking Panel Cover
  • Throttle Control
  • Battery Box & Hold Downs
  • Battery Cables
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