Black Helix Earth Anchor

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Black Helix Earth Anchor (for soft ground without stone)

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Product No. Anchor Rod Helix Color
FANCR38BLACK 38" 5/8" 4" Black (paint)
FANCR46BLACK 46" 3/4" 6" Black (paint)
FANCR58BLACK 58" 3/4" 6" Black (paint)

The high quality steel helix anchor is used with vertical axis trellising systems at the start and end of rows. The anchor is designed to be screwed into soft, rockless ground. These helix anchors cannot be used on sandy soil or similar types of ground.


Note on helix earth anchor sizes:

38" x 5/8" stem, 4" helix - recommended for trellising systems, e.g. vines.

46" x 3/4" stem, 6" helix - recommended for trellising systems, e.g. orchards.

58" x 3/4" stem, 6" helix - recommended for trellising systems, e.g. hop.



Manual installation

Once the anchor is screwed into the ground, it must be fastened in two spots on the end-of-line post with a steel wire to get a "V" angle. With the Gripple anchor starter set, you pass the wire through the anchor's loop, thus having the second fastening point for adjusting the trellising system's tension. If screwing the anchor into the ground is too hard, dig a hole about half the length of the anchor, and then screw the anchor into the ground with a rod.


Installation with auger

Can be installed with an auger equipped with an adapter to fasten the anchor to the auger. 


Helix Anchor - How to dig

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