Gripple T-Clip

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Product No. Wire Diameter Wire Diameter (barded)
FTCLIP 1,8 mm - 3,25 mm
15 - 10,5 ga
1,6 mm - 1,7 mm
15 1/2 ga barbed
FTCLIP2 3,2 mm - 4,20 mm
10,5 - 8 ga
1,80 mm 2,50 mm barbed
14 ga barbed
12 1/2 ga barbed
Presenting a backstop locking system, the Gripple T-Clip can securely connect steel wires, ropes, or polyamide wires perpendicularly. The Gripple T-Clip is ideal to set up customized trellis or fences. 

  • Up to 5 times faster than knotting
  • Ideal for awkward, thight spaces
  • Simple twist and push fit
  • Perfect for use with very hard wires where knotting is cumbersome
  • Neat professional finish
  • Also suitable for tying-off barbed wire

  • After installation, bend the wire back for safety
  • Use a Gripple Plus Medium of Gripple Bard to join and tension the wire in the centre

Gripple t-clip-greenhouse

Gripple t-clip-greenhouse
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