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The GI Grow rotating hydroponics garden is a gravity injection system to grow a wide variety of plants such as vegetables, fine herbs and flowers inside a closed, isolated warehouse. It provides protection against climate changes (glazed frost and drought) and stable, year-long production. Rotating at a consistent speed, the GI Grow garden works on a drip basis, thus saving considerably on water and fertilizer since these are injected directly at root level.



  • Major savings on fertilizer compared to other rotating machines or hydroponics systems.
  • No more drowned plants with the drip system.
  • Less humidity in your growing area = fewer diseases = fewer insect pests; each tray is its own separate garden, thus preventing the spread of disease.
  • The liquid is never exposed to light, meaning no algae growth in the basin.
  • The trays are made of ultra solid and sturdy stainless steel.
  • No need to adjust pH and ppm level in the covered basin since the liquid only circulates once.
  • It is possible to upgrade from 144 to 240 or 336 plants.
  • The heat escapes through a glass tube that prevents the plants from becoming dehydrated and the ends of the leaves from becoming burned.
  • Provides effective and competitive indoors growth.
  • Enables continuous supply agreements.
  • Reduces the amount of liquid required as opposed to outdoors/greenhouse growth.
  • Added-value crops (no pesticides or herbicides).
  • Local product available year-long to chains and restaurants. 



  • If you unroll a ring for the rotation of 336 plants, you will have the equivalent of a 5' X 16' garden. This way, you can almost triple your square feet with half the light bulbs.
  • The maximum space required to grow 336 plants is 73" high X 68" deep X 73" large.
  • Rotation can be done with 430 W metal halide light bulbs, as well as 600 W and 1000 W HPS light bulbs. 
  • You can stack your machines on metal shelves.


** Machines not sold individually. Sold in lots for projects only  ** 

Brochure gi-grow en

Brochure gi-grow en
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