Felco Powerpack high-tech for electronic tools

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This electroportable set ensures significantly easier movement and even weight distribution on shoulders. It includes a light, slim shoulder bag, made from high-tech anti-transpiring material, control housing with USB port in addition to remote housing which enables start/stopping, selection of work options and viewing of useful information. Also including a genuine leather holster.

Length: 445mm / 17.5in

Weight: 2365gr / 83.4oz

Compatibility: FELCO 800, 800G, 800M, 801, 811 and 820


Electroportable set includes;


Shoulder Bag

  • Light and slender
  • Ultra-soft cord which is inserted through a loop positioned on the shoulder for increased safety. Excellent for both right-handed and left-handed use
  • Close to body for easier movement
  • Practical storage pocket
  • AIRMESH high-technology fleece-lined and anti-transpiring structure for improved air circulation
  • Resistance to intensive cutting work
  • Detachable holster


    Control Housing

    • Handling and management of the pruning shears
    • USB port with option of charging for items such as a mobile telephone
    • Integrated screen displaying lots of useful information such as:
      • Charge status of each battery (Sold separately)
      • Number of cuts
      • Usage time
      • Percentage of large, medium and small cuts
      • Troubleshooting


      Remote Housing

      Easy access to the following controls

        • Start / Stop
        • Selection / Cancellation of work options (stand-by and semi-opening)
        • Cancellation of step-by-step mode


      Holster-FELCO-916 for 800 Serie

      Genuine leather holster for Powered Pruning Shear

      • Heavy-duty resistant 
      • Long lifetime
      • Belt loop to faciliate the transport of the tool






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