Dema Fertilizer Injector and Feeder Kit

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Flow (gpm) at 10 psi Flow (gpm) at 20 psi Flow (gpm) at 40 psi Flow (gpm) at 60 psi
0.50 - 3.50 0.55 - 4.40 0.70 - 5.40 0.80 - 6.40

The Dema fertilizer injector and feeder kit is used to fertilize residential gardens and small surfaces. It is equipped with a two-way valve that is easily screwed to a standard outside faucet and allows for using two independently controlled hoses on a single water source. The injector kit is equipped with a check valve that protects your water supply from any wastewater backflow after an interruption, a screw to adjust the flow of water, and a screw to adjust the fertilizer dose. It can be used to distribute any type of soluble fertilizer; however, the solution's consistency will affect the flow.


The injector may be installed at any point of the water line. The arrow on the top of the water diversion screw needs to point in the direction of the flow. The end of the tape with strainer is installed in the soluble fertilizer tank. The tape can also be cut to a suitable length. 


** Screwdriver included 

The injector is activated by the rate of the water flow. Once connected to the outside hose, you simply need to adjust the flow of water and the fertilizer injection by turning the appropriate screws. This adjustment can be done two ways, i.e. by controlling the flow of water with the water diversion screw or by adjusting the fertilizer dosing screw.

When the water diversion screw is turned clockwise, the fertilizer suction force increases and the water flow decreases. By turning the fertilizer dosing screw clockwise, fertilizer injection decreases while when turning counterclockwise, fertilizer injection increases.


At the end of the season, to purge all fertilizer out of the irrigation system, put the end of the tape with strainer in a bowl of water.


Fluid Viscosity (cps) Maximum Injection (oz/Min)
1 20
75 8
200 4

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