Brass Saddle

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IG BS-075050-config

Brass saddles are used to connect cheaters or other types of pipes on the main or secondary water line. There is no need to cut the main line.

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Product No. Dimension
IG BS-075075 3/4'' X 3/4''
IG BS-100050 1'' X 1/2''
IG BS-100075 1'' X 3/4''
IG BS-125050 1 1/4'' X 1/2''
IG BS-150050 1 1/2'' X 1/2''
IG BS-150075 1 1/2'' X 3/4''
IG BS-150100 1 1/2'' X 1''
IG BS-200075 2'' X 3/4''
IG BS-200100 2'' X 1''
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