Amiad plastic filter units

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IK 1-1601-1151-1010-config
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Product No. Description Screen element (included) Max. flow rate Max. pressure Filtering surface area Inlet-outlet diameter
IK 1-2221-2151-5010. 2" semi-automatic scanaway
plastic filter
100 micron
155 mesh
110 USgpm
25 m³/h
10 bar
145 psi
700 cm²
108 in²
50 mm
IK 1-3021-2151-PAR-3 2 plastic filters
3" parallel scanaway with regulator and Mazzei fertilizer injector
100 micron
155 mesh
440 USgpm
100 m³/h
10 bar
145 psi
1400 cm²
216 in²
80 mm

Amiad plastic filter units are easy to clean and provide a wide array of pressures and flows. They are pressure and chemical corrosion resistant. They can be dismounted manually (without tools) to clean the screen. 

The units contain all the attachments to connect to your irrigation system. They contain a support for the filter, a 100 micron (155 mesh) screen, as well as two pressure gauges to measure inlet/outlet pressure.

The Scanaway 2” semi-automatic unit and the two 3” two filter units include the Scanaway semi-automatic cleaning option, which makes it easier to clean the screen without opening the filter.

One of the 3” two filter units comes equipped with a pressure regulator and a Mazzei fertilizer injector, in addition to the Scanaway option. Furthermore, a pressure gauge is included with the regulator, and another one with the fertilizer injector.


Pressure regulator and fertilizer injector options can be added on 2” units. 

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