Doda Engine Powered Liquid Manure Pump

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IP DP9-config
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IP DP9 DP9 6''
19 lb

For waste applications, we offer its liquid manure pump. With its rigid construction, our liquid manure pump is ideal for pumping animal waste, municipal waste and liquid by-product produced from areas such as dairy and vegetable processing plants.

Standard features include:

  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction
  • Dry-run pump seal
  • Static cutter knives to chop any solids
  • Quick connect suction fittings
  • Oversized supports and bearings
  • Check valve in the suction cone to prevent loss of prime during temporary shut-down periods
  • Glycerin-filled gauge protector to prevent pressure gauge from damage caused by manure

Standard Accessories For SAE Pumps:

  • 4" Discharge Nipple to Flanged
  • Gauge & Gauge Protector
  • 4" Gate Valve
  • Custom Trimmed Impeller
  • Custom Trimmed Backing Plate
  • Stationary Cutter Knives
  • Tugsteon X Tugsteon Seal
  • Quick Connect Suction
  • Suction Fittings (4", 5" or 6" Ball & Shank)
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