PS9K motor and CS-G100 pump

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LORENTZ PSk-CS surface pumps are multistage vertical pumps designed to provide a very high volume of water from a solar energy source. PSk surface pumps are generally used for irrigation projects and large-scale drinking water applications.

This kit contains a PS9K motor and a CS-G100 pump.



  • Very interesting return on investment versus diesel motor pumps
  • Water production cost and carbon footprint reduction
  • Long useful life and proven efficiency
  • Designed for remote usage
  • Resists challenging conditions
  • Smart modular design for better maintenance and simple repairs
  • Low-cost replacement parts



  • Made in Germany
  • Non corrodable, high quality material
  • Direct photovoltaics with alternating current connection options
  • MPPT technology to optimize the energy consumption of PV panels
  • Air-cooled high efficiency three-phase motor
  • Built-in recorder in the controller with display of main operating data


Motor AC DRIVE CS-G 7.5kW

  • Hightly efficient 3-phase AC motor
  • Frequency max. 51 Hz
  • Efficiency : max. 92 %
  • Motor speed : 1,150 to 2,905 rpm
  • Insultation class : F
  • Enclosure class : IP55


Pump End PE CS-G100-22/2

  • Premium materials


Pump Unit PU CS-G100-22/2 (Motor, Pump End)

  • Water temperature : max. 90 °C (194 °F)
  • Suction head : max. 3m (10’)


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