Rain-Flo 2550 Series II Raised Bed Mulch Layer

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Rain-Flo's Bedder Layer  Model 2550 with Automatic Ro-Trak™ shapes beds and lays 36’’ to 48’’ mulch film. The machine can also be adjusted according to the desired bed height from 2’’ to 6’’ high. This model is an excellent mulch layer for small and large growers.

Model also available as bedder only.

*Available machines may vary from the pictures shown as examples.

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MABUTDER2550ART Model 2550 with Auto Ro-Trak. Weight of machine: 1 325 lb X
MABUTDER 2550M. Model 2550 with Manual Ro-Trak. Weight of machine: 1 275 lb X


  • Its compact size can do 60’’ row centers, it also requires less power: 70 hp, or 40 hp with 4-wheel drive
  • Adjustable plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film width from 36’’ to 48’’
  • Adjustable bed height from 3'' to 7''
  • Can be used to make beds without plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film  
  • Quickly adjustable bed height
  • Adjustable tension brake on plastic and drip tape roll carriers

Standard equipment:

  • High speed dirt shields
  • Adjustable row markers
  • Operator seat
  • UHMV poly lined bed press

Optional equipment:

  • Drip tape irrigation attachment
  • Crowned bed attachment
  • Dry fertilizer hopper
  • Fumigation attachment
  • Front disk

Ro-Trak™ System

This exclusive system from Rain-Flo, electronically senses when the machine is not traveling straight and hydraulically adjusts to keep it in line with the row while laying plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film.

Ro-Trak™ works especially well on hillsides and contours.

Ro-Trak™ is a compact hydraulic rocker arm attached to the 3-point hitch that is activated by a sensor at the back of the machine to counter the sway.

Ro-Trak™ Advantages
More uniform and fuller beds
Helps prevent plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film from coming loose
Faster mulch film laying

Manual Ro-Trak™
Same advantages as the Automatic Ro-Trak™ to the exception that the adjustments are made by the driver. The Manual Ro-Trak™ is recommended for level land only.

Tractor size:  Min. 70 hp or 40 hp with 4-wheel drive

36" @ 50" Max. Plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film

h x w
h x w
3" x 20" 3" x 32"
4" x 18" 4" x 30"
5" x 16" 5" x 28"
6" x 14" 6" x 26"
7" x 12" 7" x 24"
8" x 10" 8" x 22"
26" / 36" 38" / 48"
5" Buried 5" Buried

Shovels Width and Row Spacing
Mulch Width Shovel Width Row Spacing
36" 60" Overall 52"
48" 68" Overall 60"

Optional Equipment for Rain-Flo Model 2550
Product No Description
  Drip tape irrigation attachment, Roll carrier has adjustable brake
  Double drip tape irrigation for two drip tapes in one bed
  Crowned raised bed attachment
  Knife mounting bracket for fumigation
  Gas tank mounts for fumigation
  Gas harness and control valves for fumigation
  Dry fertilizer hopper 400 lb, ground drive with speed selection
  Dry fertilizer hopper 300 lb, 12 volt battery drive
  Bolt on Auto Ro-Trak for older Model 2550
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