Ligatex Vine Binder

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The Ligatex vine binder is used to tie up lumber to the carrier wire after cutting. The wire breaks at the end of the season when extracting timber. This technology is simple, fast, cost-effective, and can be used with just one hand since the spool with the binder wire is directly attached to the binder. The LIGATEX binder is the perfect compromise for binding under the best possible conditions. It is more comfortable and faster than separate wire systems, as well as lighter, simpler, as effective as and a lot cheaper than electric systems.

A wire coil of 4/10 is included with the purchase of this tool.


  • 4/10 mm galvanized wire connection
  • Between 1100 and 1200 connections per spool (with 4/10 wire)
  • Weight with new spool: approx. 500 g
  • Very fast wire reinstallation of the wire is case of mishandling
  • Liquid paraffin lubrication
  • Cleaning with fuel or white spirit


Features and benefits

  • Manual binder providing an automatic connection
  • Work completed with the arm and not the hand
  • A hand is free to put the branch in a good position
  • Ambidextrous tool
  • May be used with gloves
  • Fast: connection is completed in three seconds 
  • The move is divided into three simple actions: 1 – push; 2 – pull; 3 – lift (see Tip)
  • Little by little, the connection deteriorates to finally give way during timber extraction


**The mallet is only included with the purchase of the Ligatex Vine Binder Kit**

***The wire coils of 4/10 are sold separately***


It is very important to perform the moves SMOOTHLY; handling Ligatex is an effortless operation. All you need to do is move to the front end stop, to the back end stop (to the fullest since the wire is cut at the tension end) and that’s it. Better work smoothly than quickly.

The spools’ winding is specific to Ligatex. If, despite the special care taken to winding, the wire becomes jammed, there will be no more connection. Simply pull 10 cm of wire to pass beyond the jammed area of the spool, then redo steps 3 and 4 of the spool change (run the binder while empty to cut the wire and put the end back into the right position). See the tab Brochures.

LIGATEX does not require any special care ‒ just use it normally. 

There are no systematic wear parts (even with the wire cutter, which shears and does not cut; no cutting edge!). Simply keep the binder clean AND AVOID OVER-LUBRICATING IT!!! The exposed mechanism would get covered with dirt. Lightly lubricate the parts by rubbing some sewing machine oil or penetrating oil.

If, during use, a wrong move tangles the wire, simply repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 of the spool change. Within seconds, the binder is once again ready! 


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